An exclusive Lebanese nightclub/restaurant, occupying the prime site corner of Mayfair's Dover Street and Piccadilly, opposite the Ritz Hotel, has undergone a complete lighting makeover under the inspiration of Essex Sound & Light.

The brief handed to ESL's Mike Glover and lighting programmer Bob Calvert was to provide a coruscating interior based around an animated LED graphics wall, supported by concealed RGB edge-lit LED 'tape' and classic MR16s providing the LED spot effects.

To deliver this solution the designers have specified Pulsar Chroma MR16s, Malham's discreet strips of tiny SMD LEDs, which curve like a flexible PCB, and the new X-Panels from Lighting Effects Distribution.

Some 236 of the 200mm x 200mm graphic X-Panels adorn the stairway and facing walls of the nightclub, under the control of a Green Hippo Hippotizer V3.

Bob Calvert has placed all the lighting under the command of a ShowCAD Artist. The wall address is via a VGA/DVI signal passed through the Hippotizer, where it is sampled and pixel-mapped to DMX for the panels; user control of the Hippotizer comes from the ShowCAD, integrating the video in with the rest of the lighting effects.


Summing up, ESL's Mike Glover says: "This installation is indicative of the current state-of-the-art in LED technology - but the secret of this success is in the advanced programming and ease of operation. The fact that the entire installation draws just 10 amps and that an animated environment can entirely render conventional fixtures obsolete says much about the innovative effects we have used, coupled with low maintenance and running costs


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